Co-creating health spiral 430A set of illustrations commissioned by the NHS Wales for their 1000 Lives project. These images convey the implementation of co-production principles to existing NHS Wales systems. The illustrations are featured in their Guide to Co-production, and supported textual explanations of co-production as an approach. The images had to convey complex information in an engaging and non-threatening way.

Illustration 1 uses the caduceus symbol associated with medical practitioners as a base to convey key principles of co-production to professionals.

Co-producing services diagram 860Illustration 2 introduces the idea of co-production for internal NHS Wales staff to demonstrate the benefits of using this approach to achieve goals. It uses the idea of ‘shining a light’ to show the positive nature of working collaboratively; the power of the light builds as more people get involved.

Co-creating Health diagram 860 The final illustration is intended to guide doctors through the concept of working co-productively with patients to find solutions to their health problems.

All illustrations were included in NHS Wales’ Guide to Co-production, delivered to all staff in Wales.