TA logo 250Therapy Advances are a Counselling and Psychotherapy Service for adults and children.They came to Chipper for a logo to revamp their image, and a banner for their Facebook presence. In both cases, they wanted something that summed up what you gain from engaging with them: a confidential and compassionate counselling service to help you lead a more fulfilling life. The banner was recently updated to the animated GIF below.

The logo communicates safety, warmth and serenity – visualising the benefits of counselling in enhancing health and well-being for potential clients. What we like to think of as the warm fuzzies. The banner builds on the logo, incorporating the figure to tell more of the story and communicate the journey to a brighter future. It emphasis the ‘us’ – the partnership relationship between counsellor and client needed to affect positive change.

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Therapy Advances banner on their Facebook page